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VOIP Feature: User Groups & IVR
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Quick Reference: Settings> Phone Dialer & Call Queues> Ring Groups then IVR

If you have multiple users , you can assign specific phone numbers to specific agents or to specific groups of agents.

Go to Settings> Phone Dialer & Call Queues

Click on the Rings Groups tab.

Create groups like Sales, Medicare Experts, Customer Service, Claims, Existing Clients or how ever you define your Call Center.

Click Edit.

Add Users you want to include in this group or if you want to add an external numberer this group, add it here.

To set up an Interactive voice response or IVR menu, go to IVR.

Name the IVR Menu. You can have multiple IVRs in case you have different numbers for people to call into. Let’s name this one Georgia Team. Select a Greeting for it. You’ll have to record that message in the VoiceMail Greetings tab. Something like “Thanks for calling Georgia’s Best Insurance Company. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Client Care, Press 0 for any other needs.”

Click Create IVR Menu.

Now edit it. Add Extensions and set where those extensions go to.

So Extension 1 goes to Group Sales. Select the voice mail message that they’d get if no one is available to answer the call.

Add Extension. Now add Extension 2, Goes to Group Customer Service. Add the voicemail for that one. Add Extension.

Add another for Extension 3, goes to perhaps a specific user who is the receptionist. Select a voice mail message. Add Extension.

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