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Attaching Files & URLs is very easy. You can add them to a specific lead or client, to a specific carrier or even a specific product, and to the system in general.

To a Specific Lead or Client: Go into the Lead or Client file, select the Files Tab.

Uploading File: 1. 20MB File Size Limit, so make sure the file is under that size.
2. Give it a Name or Description
3. Browse your local computer for the file and Select.
4. Click Attach File

Link to Website: 1. Name or Description
2. Actual URL - Be sure to add in the ( won't work without the http://www. in front of it)
3. Link URL

Note: For Client's Files or URLs that you would like to make available to the Client Summary Page, Check the box and Radius will make them available. If you don't want them to be made available to Clients, don't check the box.


Adding Files to A Carrier or Specific Product
Go to Settings> Carriers. Create the Carrier if you haven't already done so, or Edit and go to the Documents tab to upload. Full instructions on Carriers are here:


Adding Files to CRM in General
Go to Settings> Website Links & Attachments
To add a custom weblink, please click HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

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