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Add Lead or Client
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To Add a Lead or Client, you'll need to click on the Add Lead or Add Client from the Add Bar. Keep in mind that you can Import Leads as well, Learn More


Options for Coverage Types are, Basic Lead, Auto, Health, Annuities, Home, Life, Renters, Final Expense, Supplement, Group Health, Business, Drug (Rx), Dental, Long Term Care, Disability, MediGap and MedAdgantage. Choosing one of these options will automatically change the Custom Form Fields at the bottom of the page with different data points.

Status are predefined when you create an account such as New, In Progress, Called, Voicemail, Etc. But they are completely customizable under the Settings Tab.

Assign the Agent that is to work or own Lead or Client.

Select a Carrier, after select a Product this Lead is looking into or wanting you to quote. Commission & Renewal will be automatically populate but can be changed.


Name (First and Last), Email, Phone, Cell, Address, City, State and Zip


These values are auto populated based upon the Product you select. Keep in mind that the actual values are based upon your Products Configuration [(See Carriers & Products)]

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