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Email, Columns, Calendar & Other Settings
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Quick Reference: Go to Settings> Email, Columns, Calendar & Other Settings Edit.

 Email, Columns, Calendar & Other Settings is probably the customization section with the widest assortment of options…
 Go to Settings> Email, Columns, Calendar & Other Settings Edit.

For all of the options, once you’re finished making your desired change or changes, scroll to the bottom and click Submit Settings to save your changes.

Here you can set Busy Checking for Calendar items. So if you have someone helping you book appointments, check that box so that Calendar Appointments won't be double booked as Radius won't allow for overlapping times if it’s selected.

Company fields. By enabling this option, you can have the Company name, Job Title, and Total Employees on Lead and Client Profiles in the Information section.

Click Phone number as Links if you want to be able to click to launch calls.

Use Custom Lead and Custom Client columns to choose the information you want to see in the display lists on your dashboard and on the lead/client list pages.

Status and Last Called are important for me, but if you’re managing a large team, you might want to display the Agent name or on the client columns, you might want to display their Last Updated date. You can select up to 5 columns.

Custom Agent fields would display in the Agent’s user profile and snippets will be generated for email template creation. So if you want to add in the Agent’s license number, you can do so here.

Custom Date Fields allow you to create dates like App Submitted Date, X-Date and so on. We already have Effective, Renewal, Birthday and Turning 65 in the system for you, but this is where you can add up to 5 more dates.

Let’s save those changes & see how those customizations look now in a lead page, in the client page, and now in a client file.

Back to Settings…
 The final option is the all important Send E-Mail using your custom SMTP. By default, Radius uses a built-in SMTP service. To help in avoiding problems with deliverability of your Auto Responders, Drip Campaigns and Individual Emails, using your own SMTP server is recommended. You’ll need to follow the instructions HERE If you don’t see your email provider on our list, please create a tech ticket and we’ll advise.

Remember to click Submit Settings to save your changes.

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