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How to use Radius Dropbox
How to use Radius Dropbox
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The Radius Dropbox is a great feature that allows Agents to keep their emails communications with Leads or Clients organized and within their account. You can Send, CC, BCC, or forward emails to your Radius Account and they’ll automatically be attached to the right Lead or Client.

Using Radius Dropbox:
1. Copy and Paste your unique Radius Dropbox email account which can be found under 'Your Profile > EMail Settings > dropbox @
2. Sending Emails - Add your Dropbox Email Address in the Cc or Bcc Field. As long as the Lead or Client is already in your account (email address in the To Field matches email address in their Lead / Client Profile) it will automatically import the email into Radius. If the email does not match, you will receive an email that the Lead or Client does not exist.
3. Forwarding Emails - When a Lead or Client emails you and you would like to put it into Radius under their profile, just click on the Forward button, insert your Radius Dropbox email address and click send.

Radius Dropbox Visual Aid

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