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Importing Leads from Lead Vendors
Importing Leads from Lead Vendors
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Using your Radius Dropbox Email Address (Account > My Info > Dropbox) you can import leads automatically from your lead vendors.

*Please note that if you have multiple agents in your account and want to route leads from the vendor to specific agents, you'll need to create a lead routing rule and use the dropbox email address found in Settings> Lead Routing Rules instead of the address that's listed in Account> My Info) Video on Lead Routing Rules *

Here are the steps to start the importation process:

  1. Copy your Radius Dropbox Email Address under Account> My Info> Dropbox (example -

  2. Depending on the Lead Vendor you are working with (See Below) you will need to change the "dropbox@" to the Lead Vendor Code, such as "hometownquotes@"

  3. Log into your Lead Vendor Website and place your Radius Dropbox Email Address as the 'Secondary Contact' for Leads to be emailed to. You will still receive lead information to your Primary Email address as well as your Radius account will receive leads.

  4. Radius will import the lead automatically into your account.

  5. You may need to do some edits to the Custom Form Fields within your account. Contact support @ radiusbob dot com if you have any questions on the Custom Form Fields. Radius will import the data to the data fields as long as they are configured. If the data fields are not set up properly, they will import as a 'Note'

  6. Add the lead vendor’s tag in Settings> Account Tags so that the lead source tag automatically comes in attached to the lead. (Tag list is below the Import Settings list)

    ​ Lead Vendor Import Settings:
     ABC Leads - abcleads@
     All Web Leads - allwebleads@
     Apollo Interactive - apollointeractive@
     ASAP Quotes - asapquotes@
     Benepath - benepath@
     Buy Some Leads - buysomeleads@
     Choice Leads - choiceleads@
     Click Point - clickpoint@
     ClickPoint - clickpoint@
     CompuLife - compulife@
     Contactability - contactability@
     CustomizedQuote - customizedquote@
     Datalot - datalot@
     Dave Ramsey - daveramsey@
     Digital BGA - DigitalBGA@
     EverQuote - everquote@
     Full Beaker - fullbeaker@
     Health Decisions - HealthDecisions@
     Health Markets - HealthMarkets@
     Health PlanOne - healthplanone@
     Hometown Quotes - hometownquotes@
    ​ - insuranceleads@
     InsuranceQuotes - insurancequotes@
     InsureMe - insureme@
     iWebquotes - iwebquotes@
     Jot Form - jotform@
     Kramer Direct- Submit a tech ticket and let us know that you'll be receiving leads from them.
     LeadAmp -leadamp@
     LeadConduit - leadconduit@
     Lead Heroes - Contact Lead Heroes for them to configure the integration for you. Request them to add the Tag= Lead Heroes to the URL String so you can add "Lead Heroes" in your Settings> Account Tags to track the source
     LeadsBridge- Click HERE to set up the integration
     Life Insurance 2 Day - li2d@
     Lifeline Direct - lifelinedirect@
     MediaAlpha- MediaAlpha@
     Net Quote - netquote@
     NextGen Leads - nextgenleads@
     Ninja Quoter - ninjaquoter@ Please note that you have to email Ninja Quoter with this information and they will set it up for you.
     Norvax Quote Engine - norvax@ Please note that you probably aren't receiving Norvax leads, but are really receiving Prospect Zone leads and should use the Prospect Zone email below
     Parasol Leads - parasolleads@
     Precise Leads - preciseleads@
     ProspectZone - prospectzone@
     Quote Wizard - quotewizard@
     QuotIt Quote Engine - quotit@
     SuperLeads - superleads@
     Sync2CRM - Please see this LINK for instructions
     Underground Elephant - undergroundelephant@

 If you do not see the Lead Vendor listed that you work with, please send Radius Support a ticket via the Help app (or and we can either confirm with you that we do integrate with the lead vendor or guide you to your Account Specific HTTP Posting Instructions (Account > Website Forms > HTTP Posting Instructions) that you can provide to the vendor to have them post leads to your Radius Account.

 Also you have the ability for your Lead Imports to be Automatically Tagged by Radius as the leads are imported. This will help in creating automated workflows that allow you to target your communications to lead provider leads. Just Add the Specific Tag within your Account in Settings> Account Tags

ABC Leads - abc
 All Web Leads - aweb
 Apollo Interactive - apollointeractive
 asapquotes - ASAPQuotes
 Benepath - Benepath
 Buy Some Leads - BuySomeLeads
 Choice Leads - ChoiceLeads
 Click Point - ClickPoint
 Compulife - CompuLife
 Contactability- Contactability
 Customized Quote - CustomizedQuote
 Datalot - Datalot
 Dave Ramsey - DaveRamsey
 Digital BGA - DigitalBGA
 Everquote - EverQuote
 Full Beaker - FullBeaker
 Get Seen Media - GetSeenMedia
 Health Decisions - HealthDecisions
 Health Markets- HealthMarkets
 HealthPlanOne - HealthPlanOne
 Hometown Quotes - HTQ
 Insurance Leads - InsuranceLeads
 Insurance Quotes - InsuranceQuotes
 InsureChance - InsureChance
 InsureMe - InsureMe
 iWeb Quotes - iWebQuotes
 JHP Insite - JHPInsite
 Jordan Insurance - JordanInsurance
 Jot Form - JotForm
 Lead Conduit - leadconduit
 LeadAamp - LeadAmp
 Leads To Close - leadstoclose
 Life Insurance 2 Day - LI2DAY
 Life Insurance 2 Day - LIFE
 Lifeline Direct - LifelineDirect
 MediaAlpha- MediaAlpha
 NC health Ins - nchealthins
 Netquote - NetQuote
 Nextgen Leads - NextGen
 Ninja Quoter - NinjaQuoter
 Norvax - Norvax
 Parasol Leads - parasol
 Pennington - Pennington
 Precise Leads - preciseleads
 Prospectzone - PZ
 Quotewizard - QuoteWizard
 Quotit - Quotit
 SuperLeads - SuperLeads
 Sync2CRM - sync2crm
 Undergroundelephant - UndergroundElephant

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