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Customize Your Dashboard with Saved Reports
Customize Your Dashboard with Saved Reports
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You can customize your Dashboard to show Saved Reports and more.

 Go to Reports> Saved Reports.
 Create a report with the information you want and click Available for Agents to Run Report for assigned Leads & Clients?
 That will allow you to push the report to your dashboard after you’ve created the Report. It sounds like you’ll want to create report(s) based on the Status Options and then you can choose to have the columns of Name, Status, Coverage Type, etc display in the report.
 To sort a report by a date or Last name, etc, on the 2nd page of the report building, you'll have an option to SORT BY in the Groupings section above your column selections.

 After you’ve created the reports, go to Settings> Dashboard (edit)
 Deselect the items you don’t want to see, such as Temperature.
 Click to display up to 4 Saved Reports.
 SUBMIT the changes.

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