Radius' SMS service is built upon the FCC's regulations. For full information on the FCC Regulations, visit the FCC Site

Set the times allowable to send text messages to your leads & clients in Settings> Account Logo, Name & Time Zone Settings
 Set your time zone and when text messages are allowed. Save.

Because of these regulations, your SMS messages can not have masked caller IDs. The caller ID must be associated with the provider that the message is coming from. If you have the VOIP plan, you'll be able to select which of your purchased phone numbers you want to have be the SMS caller ID. Otherwise, your caller ID will be a default number associated with your Radius account. However, all messages will show the name of the agent that is generating the message.

You can also set SMS replies to go to your cell phone in addition to going to the Message Center and Lead/Client Notes. To do so, go to Account> My Info> confirm your cell # is in the cell field. Save changes. Go to the Notifications tab and enable SMS replies to your cell phone. Save changes.

How the message appears on your lead/client's cell phone:

In Message Center:

In Lead or Client File:

The FCC requires that you have permission to send SMS messages, so you must have the cell phone number of the lead/client in their Cell field. SMS will not work for phone numbers in the Phone field. If a lead or client types STOP, they will automatically be removed from the ability to send SMS to that number & you will no longer be able to send them SMS messages, including direct messages. 

Note that if you're trying to test your SMS messages, make sure that you're not texting an account user. If Radius has an agent's cell phone in their Account> My Info details, you can not use them as a text lead/client.

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