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Where are my leads & clients?
Where are my leads & clients?
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Q) I can't see all of my leads/clients. Where did they go?
 A) Click "Reset Filters". That's the most likely culprit... if you sort by a filter, it maintains the filter through the whole session until you click reset filters.

If that's not the issue, it may be that you don't have permissions to all leads/clients. The admin of your account is able to go into Account> Account Users> Edit User and determine if you can see all leads/clients or just your own. Speak with your account admin if you think this is this case.

Q) How do I search for leads & clients?
 A) There are several search options. Search by Name, Company Name, Email Address or Phone Number in the top level search bar.

Or if you want to search by other criteria, use the filter buttons of Status, Coverage Type, Product, Agents, Tags, etc. or use the filter button of search and select the fields you want to search specifically. Here are the options of filters and that field specific search:

You can also create Saved Reports and push them to your Dashboard if you want to see specfic information on a regular basis. Here's the VIDEO on Reports.

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