Quick Reference: Settings> Status Option Groups> Add/Edit. Settings> Status Options> Add/Edit.
 This is one of the most important set up steps in Radius as your status options are a key way you'll create automated workflows. You can use our defaults, but knowing this aspect of Radius helps a lot of our agents in their productivity. **IMPORTANT: Make sure that whichever status you want to have automatically imported from lead vendors, your website, etc, is weighted as 0. Whatever the lowest # is will be the default. Example: Status Option of New Lead=0.

Whether you think of them as dispositions or statuses, you'll learn how to utilize and customize your status dispositions here. Think of statuses as the steps you take to have a new lead become a paid up and renewed client. You'll then be able to create status specific automated workflows, reports, filters & more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) What's the sort order for?
 A) To allow you to determine which status is first in the list, which is next and which is last.

Q) What does it mean to Show Lead (or Client) Count?
 A) If you want to have this Status appear as a group above your leads & client lists, you can set it to display on the Leads or Clients page as a grouping.

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