Quick Reference:
 Carriers> Add Carriers
 Products, Commissions & Renewals> Add Products
 (there are helpful hints about commission structures to the right of the Add Product page) Go to Client> Information tab> Add Coverage type, Carrier, Product, Policy number, Premium, etc. Save update. Add Effective & Renewal Dates. To add Additional Products, go to the Additional Products tab and add there.

You will see the instructions for each commission type on the right hand side bar.

Note that when you're creating a product, you are setting it at the product level and after doing so, you'll have the opportunity to enter Agent and/or downline specific commission structures for that product. Then when you go to the Client and assign them their product, you can enter in the specific premium, override the commission structure, add bonuses to it and set the effective/renewal dates.


Q) Why are my commissions not calculating properly?
 A) There are usually 2 culprits:
 1) You have set up a downline/upline structure and assigned agency specific commissions in more than 1 place. The admin might have set up user level commissions plus agency specific commissions. If you're the admin, check the Product level settings (Settings> Products) and also the Agent level settings (Account> Manage Users> Edit the User and check their Agency tab to make sure you haven't also set up commission splits here as well. Usually it's best to only do it on the Product level settings.) 2) You've used an override and it's now using the override instead of the commission calculations. If you want to undo an override, you must first delete the override fields so that no characters appear in it, save the update and refresh the page. You'll see the commission calculations then.

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