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Voice Mail Drop (AMS plans only)
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If you are on an AMS plan, you'll be able to utilize voice mail drop. To see a video on how to set up Phone Numbers & Voice Mail Greetings, click HERE

1) Record your messages as mp3 files and save to your computer, use the Text to Speech feature or you'll have the option to create recordings in Radius.

2) In Radius, Go to Settings> Phone Dialer & Call Queue Lists> Voice Mail Greetings> Upload Greeting
 Or Call the number you see in your Voicemail page to record the message. Or use the Text To Voice option for an artificial voice to speak for you.
 Name them uniquely, such as Attempt 1 VM, Attempt 2 VM, Quote Sent VM, etc

3) Edit the Voice Message to name it and determine whether it will be in the voicemail drop list and if it will be available to all users or specific agents only. 

4) When on the call, click on the Leave Voicemail option, select the voice message you want to use in the drop down menu, wait until the beep then hit DROP. To personalize the message before drop, simply start speaking after the beep and then drop the voice message.

The lead/client file will then have a Note stamped into it automatically with the date, time and name of the voice mail drop along with the agent's name who made the call.

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