If you are an agent with access to the VOIP dialer, this is the article for you. Admins have to set up the settings of your dialer, so this is only an overview on how to use the dialer. You'll need to contact your account admin or owner to create an automated workflows, set up any caller IDs, upload greetings, etc. If you are an admin, see dialer set up tutorials HERE

Written instructions are below the video overview of these features.

You must use Chrome or Firefox. Please note that Safari nor Internet Explorer are not able to be used with the dialer. Edge works, but there are errors occasionally with it, making Chrome or Firefox the preferred browsers.

Set your Caller ID Go to Account> My Info> Caller ID. You'll see there the available numbers to choose from. Click "Set As Caller ID" for the one you want as your caller ID. If you don't see the caller ID you want listed, contact your account's administrator to add in your Caller ID.

Ways to Launch Calls: *Click on the lead/client number to launch the call *Manually Dial A Number *Use Call Queues, a List or a Saved Report to launch the DialQ dialer.

The first 5 minutes of this VIDEO show how to use the Dialer, keypad, call queues and more. The remaining minutes are set up instructions for the admin/account owner.

Screenshots of options:

How to Answer Calls: Make sure that your dialer is active. Click on Dialer or start calling people and the Dialer will be active. When a call comes in, click on "Answer".

Voice Mail Drop See article HERE. The voice messages themselves must be set up by your admin.

Add or Remove from Call Queue As an agent, you can manually add or remove leads/clients from Call Queues. Your admin might have set up Automated Workflows as well to add/remove based on Status changes, Tags, etc, so check with your account admin or owner for information on that.
 See article HERE to see how to add/remove manually.

Checking Messages: Go to the Message Center to listen to VMs, Move or Delete them, see SMS Messages, Missed Calls and Unassociated Recordings (calls that you placed or came in that don't have a lead or client file associated with that phone #)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Which caller ID is showing to my leads/clients?
 A) This is set by your admin. You'll need to check with them.

Q) I'm having trouble hearing the call.
 A) Check that your mic & speakers are allowed for Radius. You'll go into your Browser's preferences and Allow Radius to use your microphone. While you're in there, it's a good idea to check that you've allowed Pop Up Notifications for Radius as well.
 Chrome Instructions Firefox Instructions Edge Instructions

Q) My call quality isn't great. What can I do?

A) The most frequent issue is your headset. While you can use any microphone/speaker device you want, we recommend using a USB headset. Sometimes the headphones with non-stable microphone positions make the sound cut in and out.

If that doesn't fix it, try a different browser (Note Safari it doesn't work-recommended browsers are Chrome & Firefox. Other than Safari, the browser shouldn't matter but the sound does go through the browser and you might have a ton of plugins or something that's slowing it down)

Twilio has a speed test you can check: [https://networktest.twilio.com/]

Test your computer's microphone. You'll have to Google that since it'll be specific to your computer's settings, but here's a link to get you started: [https://www.google.com/search?q=test+microphone+on+computer&oq=...]

It also may be the speed of your internet connection. Go to your internet provider's website to do a speed test.

Q) How do I do a 3 way call/ merge calls?

A) Call the first number. Put that person on HOLD. It will confirm that they're on hold even though it will otherwise look like the call is not active. Click "Dial A Number" to dial the next phone #. Once that person answers, hit merge and the calls will be merged.
 If one person (other than you) hangs up, the call will still be active.

Q) Where do the call recordings go?

A) After the call is completed, the recording will go to the Call Recordings tab of the associated lead/client. This may take a few minutes to process the audio.

Q) I don't see the recording in Files after a call. Why isn't it there?

A) This could be for 2 reasons...
 1) The number you called wasn't listed in the lead/client Information tab. If the lead or client gives you an alternate number to call them at, you have to add it into their Phone or Cell Phone field in Information before calling to have the call saved. If you dial a number that's not in the system, the call will not be saved. 2) Time. You haven't given the system enough time to process the audio and add the mp3 file to the Files tab. Give it a few minutes, refresh the page and see if it's there.

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