What is the Difference in Plan Options?
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Radius pricing is based on the number of users you have and which level of feature sets you want.

Besides the Number of Users:
Agent - 1 User
CSR = 2 Users
Broker = 5 Users
Agency = 10 Users
FMO = 20 Users
IMO = 50 Users

Agent Plan - Includes Unlimited Leads & Clients, Auto Responders, Drip Marketing, Email Marketing, Quote Engine Integration, but it DOES NOT include Agent Recruitment, Tracking Commission Splits, Agency Management.

CSR, Broker, Agency, FMO & IMO - Includes Everything we offer, just different level of users.

Our basic plans come with an outbound only, click to call dialer.

The AMS plans that have a full VOIP solution along with other agency management features like Enhanced Commission Management, customizable record types, electronically Generate ACA Consent, executive dashboard.

The full VOIP has
*Inbound/outbound call recording
*Playable disclaimers

*Voicemail drop
*Automated call queues
*Progressive dialing (from call queues, filter lists & saved reports)
*3 way dialing
*Call reporting
*Ring groups
*Account level & user level Phone Books for quick call conferencing
*SMS Caller ID
*After Hours Schedules

Please see the pricing page for more details.

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