Radius gives you a screen sharing tool by ScreenLeap, complimentary with your account.

To start using Screen Leap, go to the Lead or Client File. You must have an email for them in their Radius file for the program to work.
 Please note, it's only a visual screen share. You would have to be on the phone with the person, determine they're ready for the screen share.

Go to the lead or client file. In the upper right hand corner of their file is the "Start Screen Share" button. Press that. It will email the lead or client the link to view your screen. You will get a confirmation that the email has been sent.

The first time you use Screen Leap on a computer, you will get a prompt to download their software. Note that you must download software for it to work, but your lead or client only has to click the link.

Make sure that when you're done with sharing your screen, you stop the share. Please see the screen shots below that walk you through.

Launch ScreenLeap:

You will see this screen once the invitation has been sent:

You have to download Screen Leap the first time you use it on a computer:

Your lead or client will receive an email like this:

You can see if the person has joined or you can pause/stop the share with this control that will launch once you've launched ScreenLeap:

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