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Welcome to your Trial
Welcome to your Trial
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We’ve created this video to show you a brief overview of the features you’ll have access to during the trial, what you can look forward to once you’ve activated and how to make the most of your free trial period. While you can use Radius just as it is when you start your trial, to get the most out of Radius, you’ll want to see what customizations you can create and the features that will help you automate your business.

First, sign up for a trial account at

We will send you a Set Up Tutorial to walk you through how to make the most of the trial. We recommend going through the trial, using the time to get your settings configured, email templates prepared, and customize the options you want your CRM to provide to you. Due to spam prevention requirements, you won't have access to Automated Workflows, SMS messaging or the click-to-call feature during the trial, so you may want to wait until activation to upload your book of business so that you can easily maximize the impact of the automation you can build out (we can help you with a work around if you import it in advance of activation).

Some of the basic things in getting set up are the most critical. For instance, adding in your Account> My Info details is critical to the way that email templates will be handled.

Check out our Set Up Tutorial which will walk you through these items step-by-step.

Your trial account will become your activated account once you enter your credit card and our billing department processes payment. Anything you do during the trial will be there for your active account.

When you're ready to activate your account, enter your credit card information on Account> Billing Information> enter CC and submit the change.

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