Marketing based on Renewal Dates: Renewal notifications are best done in a combination of Date Triggered Emails & Automated Workflows.

STEP 1 ) Create a template for the renewal notification email in DRIPS. Bcc yourself so that you’ll see when that notification goes through.
STEP 2) Still in DRIPS, scroll down to Add Marketing Plan & click. Create a plan to send the renewal notification email 90 days before Renewal. Save.
STEP 3) Create a Status or Tag of “Renewal In Process” (Settings> Tags or Settings> Status Options)
STEP 4) Settings> Automated Workflows. Create a Workflow for Renewals In Process. Use the tag or Status to trigger it. Add actions for call queues, tasks, SMS messages, other emails, etc.

When you add a product to a client, make sure to input the Effective & Renewal Dates and also change the status or add the tag to trigger the workflows.

Walk throughs of these steps are found in the Marketing & Status Options & Tags sections of the Set Up Tutorial: (

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