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Gmail Integration Setup

Integrate Gmail Account with Radiusbob

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If you are using Google's Gmail as your Email Provider, then you can easily integrate your Gmail Account with Radius to allow all your Email Marketing Campaigns to go out directly from your Gmail Email Address.

Integrating your Gmail Account will allow for greater delivery rates, fewer bounces and higher open and read counts.

We built an integration with Google for quick and easy Gmail Account setup, just click "Connect Gmail" to be lead through the setup process which is about four steps;

As you go through the Setup Process, make sure you Select the Email Address you want to send emails from within your Radius Account. Radius can only allow for One Gmail Account to be Synced, so chose wisely (granted you can Remove Access and chose a different Email Address by going through the process again.ย 

Trouble Shooting Errors

Make sure that in your User Profile Settings (Account > My Information > Information), you have the same email address from your Gmail Sync.

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