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Appointment Reminders

Send Emails & Text Messages to Leads, Clients and Yourself to remind everyone about upcoming appointments

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You can create appointment reminders for leads & clients. This is not retroactive, so only tasks created after the Appointment Reminder will generate the emails and/or SMS messages.

Step 1) Go to Templates (or Drips if you have been with us a long time!).

If you don't see a template for Appointment Reminder pre-populated into your account, create a new template and save it. At the bottom of this tutorial is Sample Text for a template for your convenience.

The following snippets are available for you to utilize.

Appt Date (format 99/99) = #APPT_DATE#
 Appt Time (format HH:MM AM/PM) = #APPT_TIME#
 Appt Location = #APPT_LOCATION#

For more information on creating an email template, click HERE

Step 2) Go to Settings> Appointment Reminders> Add New Reminder
 Set an email and/or SMS message and save.

Step 3) Go to a lead/client file, Click Add Task, Set the Category for Appointment with any other location, date/time details. Save the Task. It will generate the reminders per the schedule you set in step 2.

Sample Text for an Appointment Reminder Email:


I'm looking forward to our meeting. Here are the details:





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