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Deleting An Account User
Deleting An Account User
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To delete a user, first reassign their leads/clients to a different user. Go to the Leads page, filter by the Agent Name you’ll be deleting, Select All and Bulk Update to change the other user name (or select Unassigned) and Submit the change. Repeat on the Client page.

Now go to the Account> Manage Users> Click Options. If Delete isn't an option, edit the user, change them to an Agent and Submit the change. Go back to Account> Manager Users and you’ll see Delete in the Options List.
(Note. Do not use the "Back Arrow" to go from the user changes to previous page, as it may show you the old screen without the delete option.)

Step 1: Filter & Update


Step 2: Verify or Change User Type to Agent


Step 3: Delete the User

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