Once you've activated your account, follow these steps to set up your dialer. The dialer is not available during the trial. 

Step 1: Settings> Phone Dialer & Call Queues> Check that Click to Call & Call Recording are selected. If not, select and submit the update.

Step 2: Go to the Inbound #s tab and purchase phone numbers. CLICK FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL 

Step 3: Add your voice mail and welcome greetings to the phone numbers. NOTE: Welcome Greetings are specifically for people who are creating an IVR. CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Step 4: Caller ID tab.  Add all numbers you want to use in the system (including purchased numbers), assign numbers to specific user groups or to specific area codes for area code recognition. You must complete the verification call for all numbers you want to use in Radius. If you're verifying purchased numbers, make sure that you have the Dialer open before clicking "Verify Call" CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Step 5 (optional): If you have multiple users and want to assign specific phone numbers to specific groups of agents, go to the Groups and IVR tabs CLICK FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL 

Step 6: Create Call Queues. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL 

Step 7: Create Automated Workflows to add or remove leads & clients from call queues automatically. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL 

Step 8 (optional): Create Voice Mail Drops and Greetings in mp3 format and then upload to the Greetings tab. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL

Step 9 (optional): Add frequently called numbers like carrier, your upline or just your best friend into the phone book. Use the account level phone book for numbers your whole team will call (Settings> Phone Dialer> Phone Book) or your user profile level phone book for your personal frequently dialed numbers (Account> My Information> Phone Book)

Account Level View:

User Level View:

Click the book icon to drop down your phone book (if the dialer is launched):

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