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Push from Radius to to send letters, notecards, postcards & more

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If you have an account with, you can create an automation from Radius to send notecards, postcards letters and more. If you have questions or want to learn more about, visit

Step 1: Go to Radius> Settings> Automated Workflows> Add Workflow

Create the trigger (for example for Leads & Clients 7 Days Before Birthday or For Clients with Product Status of Policy Sold)

Save the workflow trigger.

Add an Action of HTTP Post. Keep that tab open while you go to step 2.

Step 2: Go to & Choose or Create a Mailing List

Step 3: Create the letter/notecard/postcard in to associate with the campaigns

Step 4: Go to Integrations on the left side bar and choose Zapier

Step 5: Sign into Zapier. Go to My Apps and Add Connections to Radius and

Step 6: Create Zap (name it) & Choose Webhooks

Choose Catch Hook and then hit Continue (you'll see a field for a child key but leave it blank and continue)

Grab the Webhook URL to copy it

Step 7: Go back to Radius, set the timing and pop the URL into the URL field. You'll also choose POST and then the fields for Name, Address, City, State, Zip and the other fields you want to post over (click on image below to see a larger view). Scroll all the way down the page to save the action.

Step 8: Create a sample lead or client that would trigger the Zap (ie it's a lead with a status of New Lead or a Client with a Product Status of In Force)

Step 9: Go back to Zapier and test the trigger to make sure the fields mapped properly.

Step 10: Continue to Step 2 and choose and the event you want (ie letter, notecard, etc)

Map the fields (you have to click into the fields you want to have mapped to see the options.

Step 11: Test & Continue to Publish your Zap.

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