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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) Is there a free trial?

A) Yes, go to and then to the pricing page. Sign up for the right plan for your business. It's a 15 day, free trial. The marketing & dialing features are restricted for spam prevention, so you can join a live demo to ask any questions on those features and see your answers live. You can activate your account at any time by going to Account> Billing, enter your credit card and submit. Any customizations, leads & clients and other entries you make during your trial will in your active account.

Q) What are the main features of Radius?

A) Radius is a Lead Management & CRM software platform built specifically for Insurance Agents & Agencies, with built in telephone features including call recording and conferencing, appointment scheduling, automated marketing & funnel management workflows, product & commission tracking, document storage, in-depth reporting, customizable fields and tabs and more. You can create custom profiles to strategically market to expand your book of business from the people you already have relationships with through linking spouses, beneficiaries, referrals, relatives and more.

Q) Can I use Radius anywhere in the world?

A) Yes. Radius is a cloud based program and can be accessed from any internet enabled device. You can use it to manage your leads and clients from anywhere. However, while you can call your clients from Radius while on vacation in Brazil and another agent can be making calls from France and your jealous account manager is stuck at home in Philly, you all can only call people within your national plan. So if you’re a user in the United States, you can call any leads and clients with United States phone numbers.

If you have a client base in other countries, contact us to let us know what you need. We have many clients in Canada, Mexico, South America and the United Kingdom, but it does require some changes on our end for your best experience.

Q) Do you sell my leads/clients to other users?

A) Absolutely not. We’re not lead vendors and will never will be. Your data is secured on multiple levels. See our security measures in THIS ARTICLE for more details.

Q) Is Radius HIPPA compliant?

A) Since Radius is a lead management & CRM software platform focused on insurance agents, our CRM meets all HIPAA requirements for a technology platform such as ours. However being HIPAA Compliant is a two way street which, Radius and You. Therefore the compliance still lies with the agent. If you need a field for Medicare ID or Social Security number for example, you will have to choose the field type of ENCRYPTED to keep that field restricted from accidental reporting or emailing. You will still be able to see the information while signed in. We also have a Client Access Summary portal that provides a double encrypted portal for your clients to access securely, using 2 separate secure emails. One for the portal link and one for the password link. You can safely share documents, their product details, your contact information and more with your clients. You can remove access at any time.

Q) How long are my call recordings saved for?

A) As long as you have Radius…however, if you decide to cancel Radius, you must request your files be delivered to you (before cancelling) so that you can maintain them outside of Radius.

Q) What are the support options?

A) The Help app is fastest way to reach us to start a ticket or search for articles. We have live demos daily to answer questions live and weekly Featured Features so you can focus on learning one feature at a time. Once you’re an active subscriber, you’ll also be invited to the Onboarding Work Sessions each week, where you can get hand holding through your specific needs. We have special training intensives throughout the year, like our Open Enrollment boot camps. You can also call, but make sure you leave a message with what you need assistance with. If you don’t leave a message, you won’t get called back as we’re on too many people’s auto dial lists!

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