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Generate ACA Consent To Contact
Generate ACA Consent To Contact

Keep compliant with ACA Consent to Contact forms

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CMS recently added a requirement for consent for ACA conversations. They are flexible with how you handle this. But since we already had built out the Generate Scope of Appointment, we figured we'd give you an easy way to generate ACA Consents... in English AND in Spanish.

(apologies we had to blur the dummy data, but Youtube didn't like seeing email addresses!)

All AMS level plans now have the Generate ACA Consent option. To enable it, go to SETTINGS> EMAIL COLUMNS CALENDAR & OTHER. Scroll down to enable the option, choose the email templates and landing pages. Scroll down and Save.

**If you don't see the CONSENT TO CONTACT ENGLISH/SPANISH, go to TEMPLATES or DRIPS and hit RESTORE EMAIL TEMPLATES and they'll populate for you**
We have a default "Success" landing page already for you, but you can customize the landing pages in the English/Spanish Success URL fields.

Next go to Account> My Information and add your NPN number into the new NPN field. It is now a standard field under the Agent ID field.

Once it's set up, simply click to email the form to the lead or client and set the appointment date and language default.

They'll get an email to sign the form (you can customize the email template but we have one for you)

They then click and it generates the form (and they can change from English to Spanish right there at the top!)

Once they submit, you have the signed form right in their FILES tab.

Need the Email Template or a quick image for a Landing Page? See the attachments below.

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