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Client Prescription Updates
Client Prescription Updates

Use the Client Self Service Portal and the Rx Tab to have clients update and add their prescriptions to their file.

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You may already be tracking client’s prescriptions, but now clients can update their prescriptions for you through the self service module. (This was previously called the Client Access Portal. )

If you have the Rx tab enabled, you’ve been able to track your clients prescriptions here. Now, if you hit Enable Self Service, you’ll send the portal link and password emails to your clients. They can then add and edit the prescriptions themselves.

Let’s now go through the steps.

  1. Go to Settings> Email, Columns Calendar & Other features. Scroll down and enable Rx Tab by checking Prescription Entry and scrolling down to save the update.

  2. Go to Templates (or Drips if you’ve been with us a while!) and edit the email template for Client Access Link. Do NOT change the template name nor edit the link. However, you can edit the text to let them know that they should update their Prescriptions and then email you back when completed.

  3. Go to Account> My Information to edit any of your contact details and add your photo or logo to the agent profile picture. Save update.

You’re now set up for use. So let’s review the changes you’ve made an some best practices.

You’ll now see your Rx Tab in the lead and client files. To trigger the emails to the client, hit Enable Self Service. If you’ve already enabled it, just Delete it and then Enable it again. Since this is not something you can do in bulk, I’d recommend sending this to anyone who needs it as you’re setting their appointment. Tell them you’ll be sending an email with their portal link, another with their password for the portal (and another email with the scope of appointment, if applicable) and hit Enable Self Service while on the phone with them. Remind them to email you back once they’ve completed it.

Rough Video Overview of the Feature:

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