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Policy Specific Automated Workflows
Policy Specific Automated Workflows

To generate policy details in emails & text messages, you need to follow these specific instructions

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For Policy specific details to generate in an email or text, you will need to trigger against the Policy Status AND Policy Coverage Type. Why? Because a client might have 2 in force policies for Life and MAPD and 1 claimed Life policy and another old Medicare plan that’s been canceled. The system needs to know which you’re wanting it to send details on. For example: "Hi #FIRSTNAME#, Your #CARRIER# #PRODUCT# is renewing in 75 days. ..." will only generate properly if you tell the system WHICH carrier product details to pull.

Therefore, create 1 workflow for the first Policy Coverage Type you want.

Example: LIFE Policy Renewal Notices

Clients + Policy Status= In Force + Policy Coverage Type = Life + 90 Days Before Renewal. Save

Add Actions like Send 90 Day email & text, 60 day email & call queue, at 45 days, text the client and have the agent get an email and have a task added to their calendar. 30 day email & call queue, etc.

THEN, go back to Automated Workflows, COPY the LIFE Policy Renewal Notices workflow. Rename it DENTAL Policy Renewal Notices. Change the Policy Coverage Type to Dental and Save.

Continue to copy the workflows so all you have to do is tweak the policy coverage type.

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