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Integrating Facebook Ads (& Other Platforms) via Zapier to Radius
Integrating Facebook Ads (& Other Platforms) via Zapier to Radius

Learn how to push leads generated from Facebook Ads & more into Radius & track your spend/conversions.

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When you're creating social media campaigns, you can push leads generated into Radius in a couple of ways. Here are some basic instructions and then best practice ideas.

You need to use a 3rd party push from most social media platforms into a CRM. Zapier is most commonly used for this purpose, but you can check out others like Sync2CRM and others.

Step 1:
In Radius, go to Account> Website Forms (only admins can view this!). Copy the Lead Post URL. (You can post to other record types as well. Just one at a time, so choose the correct and full URL).

Step 2:
Sign into Zapier. Hit Create. Zapier now has an AI prompt that will suggest the zap for you. Just type in "Create a new lead in Radius CRM when sent from Facebook Lead Ads". Hit GENERATE. Hit TRY IT.

Step 3:
Assign the Trigger steps (you'll be prompted to sign into your Facebook account)

Step 4:
Set up the post into Radius in step 2 of the Zap creation.
You'll use the Lead HTTP Post url that you copied in step 1 to sync to Radius CRM.
Then you'll map the fields you want to have sent into Radius and can type in any other fields you want pushed through like

Type= Lead

Status= New Lead

Lead Source= Facebook Ad
Marketing Campaign= FB Jan 2024 ACA Version 1
Agent= Your Name or Agent= Auto if you want it assigned via round robin.

and so on.

You will have to create and manage the lead sources and marketing campaigns in Settings> Analytics. But it's a wonderful way to track which ads are getting the best results for you.

You can either quickly use the filter on leads/clients to search by the lead source or campaign or build a Saved Report that tracks conversions.

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