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Commissions: Add clients &/or policies from carrier commission statement imports
Commissions: Add clients &/or policies from carrier commission statement imports

Utilize the time doing carrier commission statement imports to update your book of business

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This video covers how to create a record or policy directly from the carrier’s commission statement import. The video transcript is below the video on this page. Please review the Managing & Creating Carriers & Policies tutorial for more detail on other commission related features.


Go to commissions on the left hand side. Import file. Select your carrier. Hit Browse to get the file. Save and analyze.

It will show you the preview of how it's being mapped. Hit start commission import. Now we can see that it's finding the people that have their record created and their policy created within the system. You can hit this plus sign to either find the existing client and create a policy, or to create a new client and create the policy.

So let's see if this person already exists in the system. They do. I'm going to add this tag of new client or policy needs review. That tag can then trigger an automation for an email and text to be sent to the assigned agent to update the policy details or to update the client details.

Now, we're going to copy this member number.

Paste that into policy number.

We might not know the product, the effective date. The renewal date.

If we do, definitely fill it in. But again, you're going to be messaging the assigned agent to actually get that message or get the record updated.


Now that we’ve created the policy, we need to associate it with this commission row. Since we’ve just copied the policy number, search for the policy, paste and then it'll find the association.

Let's do that again. Click the plus sign here. This is Jacob. Let's see if he's in the system. I'm going to click into client.

I paste his name. Yep, he's there. Again, I'm going to add that tag in. I'm going to grab his member number.

And great. I’ll skip the rest of this and let that automation tell the assigned agent to update all of the information.

Again, I need to select that policy that I just created in here so that way it goes to the right person.

And now we can see Jacob, his policy number, etc.This information over here on the right, this is what's in radius now.

Here we're going to hit this plus sign here to see who else needs to be added. I've got a lot of people that are in this example file that I don't see in our system already!

This person is not in our client list already. Choose create new client, pulls in the person's name.

Select the assigned agent.

Now I'm going to copy that member number.

Pop that in. And again, I'm now going to click here, find that member number or policy.

Over to the right, it’s telling you that it can’t generate the projected commissions because it can't find the product. This is just a warning that there are are no currently outstanding commissions expected because we didn't set up the actual product itself. But, we can calculate that in the future once the agent adds in the product, effective date, renewal date and any other necessary product details.

Once you're done, you're gonna scroll down and hit save. That will get that all imported for you.

To recap, now you can just click on this little plus sign, use an existing client, or create a new client, get them into the system, create that tag, and then add in whatever details you can add in.

then again select, choose that policy number, and add that in.

In preparation for using this feature, you need to create the tag in your account and set up the workflow.

Account Tag Creation

First, go to Settings> Account Tags. Edit

Name the tag. You can call it whatever you want, but I’ll name it new client or policy needs review, and then hit add tag. Done!

Automated Workflow

Next up, you're going to go to settings, automated workflows, edit. I've added in this client or policy needs review workflow already into my account, so let’s edit to take a look.

I’ve selected the trigger criteria of the record type of clients tagged with new client or policy needs review, and then I've hit save workflow to save the trigger portion.

I've added actions of send an email, with the template of policy or client created from commission import, and perhaps I also send the assigned agent a text message of, hello agent first name, please review and update uhm the person's names, file in radius, the person or policy has been created from a carrier statement import and needs to be reviewed, click here, and then this view link field name, what that is, is allowing you to have a link to be brought directly into their file, so long as the agent has the proper log in access to the CRM.

And that action looks like send text, one minute to the assigned agent, and then adding in that text.

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