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Here's a quick overview of your trial. 

We highly recommend you use your trial time to go through these set up steps and review the features that are locked during the trial such as Automated Workflows, SMS messaging and the dialer systems. We've put them in a specific order that will help you to get to know the system while fleshing out your account for the next steps.

For more information about Training, Ongoing Education, Boot Camp & Open Enrollment Prep Academy, CLICK HERE.

Step 1: Watch a boring tour of Radiusbob...but at least you'll get familiar with where things are and it's short-ish!

Step 2: Set Up Your Account Information, Billing Overview, Webform & more

Step 3: Create Custom Form Fields & Dropdowns
 Custom Form Fields.

You have the option to create custom dropdown choices for those fields as well.

Step 4: Create Status Options (Lead & Client Dispositions)

Step 5: Create Tags

Step 6: Review Marketing Opportunities
 Radius allows you to market through Mass Emails, Date Triggered Emails (birthday, renewal, effective & Turning 65) and Automated Workflows to create campaigns of emails, SMS messages, Tasks, Call Queues & more.

A) Create & Edit Email Templates

B) Mass Emails ***This video needs to be edited. Please create the template first and then you can send mass emails using the template. One time templates are no longer available.

C) Templates & Date Triggered Emails

D) Automated Workflows

E) Appointment Reminders

Step 6: Create Your Carriers & Products 

Step 7: Review Our Reports Option

Step 8: Check out How To Import Leads & Clients and do some samples.

We recommend only doing a few samples during your trial period so that you can maximize your automated workflows and email campaigns. Check out the full tutorial for a checklist and more details HERE

This video covers how to add leads and clients into the system via spreadsheet import, manual entry & lead vendor integration. To see how to create a web form for website lead capture, go to Account> Billing Information> Web Form.

See more videos & tutorials or submit a ticket/live chat using the Help App.

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