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Importing Leads & Clients from a Spreadsheet
Importing Leads & Clients from a Spreadsheet
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Since the video was created, we now allow spreadsheets to trigger automated workflows and drips. I will have a modified video posted shortly to update that. **

We’ve organized the set up tutorial so that importing is the last step of the trial set up. The reason why will now probably make sense as you go through your File Preparation Checklist. Most people want to skip straight to file import, which is fine if your file is straight forward, but most data spreadsheets need some prep work.

Watch this video. It really will help. I see you, impatient person who desperately wants to skip this!! (In fairness, I would too!)

Here's a checklist of the things you'll want to double check on your file and in Radius so that your import goes smoothly.




Look at the list of fields & instructions in Leads> Import Leads or Clients> Import Clients

Leads> Import Leads; Clients> Import Clients

Do you need to add custom fields?

Settings> Coverage Types & Custom Data Fields AND/OR Settings> Analytics

Do you need to add any counties in?

Settings> States & Counties

Do you need any custom dates?

Settings> Email, Columns, Calendar & Other

In the spreadsheet, are the dates in MM/DD/YYYY format?

in your spreadsheet

Check your spreadsheet program’s HELP

In the spreadsheet, are there any columns that you need to merge?

in your spreadsheet

Do you need to add in any Carriers and Products?

Settings> Carriers, Settings> Products…

Do you need to edit oradd in any Status options?

Settings> Status Options

Do you need to edit oradd in any tags?

Settings> Account Tags

Delete any columns in your spreadsheet that you don’t need in your spreadsheet

in your spreadsheet

Check your spreadsheet program’s HELP

SUPER IMPORTANT: Make sure that you’ve relabeled your PRODUCT related header rows the way that the instructions tell you to.

Leads> Import Leads; Clients> Import Clients

Make sure that you’re relabeled the header rows for custom dates, tasks & attachments the way that the instructions tell you to.

Leads> Import Leads; Clients> Import Clients

Is there a column for Agent that has the agent’s name or names as they appear in Radius Account> My Information?

Account> My Information

FYI: You can map as many columns as you wish to NOTE. So don’t worry if you have multiple note columns, just map them each to Note once you’ve imported them.

in your spreadsheet

Export the file as a .csv

In your spreadsheet program (usually in File> Save As or Export As)

Check your spreadsheet program’s HELP


Double check that your fields are mapped properly. >

Product related fields MUST BE LEFT as Use Specified Header. The rest of the fields need to be mapped properly.

You can download this check list with tutorial links HERE:

You can review a sample file here, but know that you don't need to have the exact headers as shown in this sample (EXCEPT for the Product fields which have to be exact)

We've changed the way you import products, so check out this overview video instead of the full tutorial for updated information. If you want to watch the full video, go for it. Just remember how to label the product fields in your spreadsheet. We'll create a new video once a few things are tidied up!

Frequently Asked Questions About Importing:

Q) What's a csv file???
A) It's a file type that you can choose to save your spreadsheet as. In File, go to Save or Export and choose .CSV

Q) How does the system know what's the first name or last name since there's only one field?
A) The system figures it out by the spaces in the name.

Q) What is this mapping thing you're talking about?
A) When you import your file, you may have named your header differently from our field names. Not to worry, you can "map" them by choosing the appropriate match in Radiusbob. You'll see your spreadsheet's name and then you'll see "Use Specified Header" underneath it if it doesn't match what we have in Radius. Choose the right header to map or match to. There are a few exceptions to this rule where you WILL leave Use Specified Header. They are the Product field names which you will need to list properly in your spreadsheet as defined in Clients> Import Clients instructions.

Q) Why am I supposed to map every field except for the Product fields?
A) Product fields operate slightly differently since you may put in multiple products at once for the same client. You will edit your spreadsheet so that the headers match the instructions in Clients> Import Clients and the product naming instructions. Then leave "Use Specified Header" on the mapping portion.

Q) What format can I list my phone numbers in?
A) Phone numbers should not have special characters like +1(212) 111-2222. Remove the +1 and then any format is fine after that. If you are not a US client, please contact us to see how we can assist on phone formatting needs.

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