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Import Errors & Fixes
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If you have a lead vendor import or web form import issue, please submit a tech ticket via our Help App's Conversation option.

If you have imported a .csv file and information is missing, you probably missed a step or 2 in the process. Good's simple to update your records or delete them for a fresh start.

Updating is probably the best bet.
 First, review the instructions for adding leads via .csv file:
 You may have missed the steps of creating custom form fields, specifying the headers for additional people/products, creating products or mapping the field headers. Once you figure out what step you missed, fix those and then go back to Import Leads (or Clients), upload the file and use the options for Updating Records based on Name, Phone or Email. This will allow the file to update the files without creating duplicates. If you have phone numbers or email addresses to match against, we recommend choosing the "Update All Matching". If you have Name as the best matching, then choose "Update If Only One Record Is Found" so that if 3 people are named John Smith, you'll get duplicates to avoid updating the wrong file. If you are matching against Record ID, choose "Update If Only One Record Is Found" (it won't work if you choose to update all records found for Record ID).

If you would rather bulk update or delete a recent import, go to the lead or client page, filter by Newest Create Date (note that Newest Touched is the default to look for on the filter heading), scroll down to show more Leads/Clients per page, Select All (deselect anyone you don't want deleted) and either Bulk Update or Delete. Deleting records takes a while, so have patience as it works. If it times out, reduce the # of records per page.
 Step 1: Sort By Newest Create Date

Step 2: Leads Viewable Per Page

Step 3: Delete or See options below for Bulk Update

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