With a built in Email Template Editor, creating custom email templates for all marketing campaigns including Auto Responders, Drips, Mass Emails and more was never easier. To help get you started, we have even dropped in a few pre-populated templates in your account when you sign up. 

Email Templates are used all throughout Radius for various needs and specific features including:

  • Drip Campaigns: Sending multiple emails over a defined timeline touching the lead with unique content during the sales process¬†
  • Automated Workflows: Automatically actions carrier out by Radius to send emails, text messages, calendar items and more as leads go through the sales process
  • Appointment Reminders: Reduce No Shows to your appointments by automatically sending reminders to the individuals you are going to meet with.
  • Mass Emails: Use email to market to a large group of leads or clients filter by Carriers, Products, Geographies and more.¬†
  • Individual Lead & Client Emails: Create and send specific emails to a lead or client to customize the message at the individual level

Drips > Templates > Add or Edit

Modify the existing templates or create new templates with the editor to target the messaging to leads and client within your account.

What are #Snippets#?

Snippets allow agents to create a Form Letter basically. Drop in a snippet within your email template to have Radius auto populate lead or client information to personalize the messaging. #FirstName#, #Product#, #AgentName#, etc. allow agents to build one template, but apply it all in a personalized way to everyone.

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