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Tips for Email Marketing: Improve deliverability
Tips for Email Marketing: Improve deliverability
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Tip #1:
To improve your email marketing deliverability rates, the top recommendation we have is to create your SMTP settings in Radius. This allows your email address to send from its own server rather than Radius' server. Instructions are HERE

Tip #2:
Train your server! If you start sending out smaller batches of mass emails and the receivers open them, you're considered more 'trustworthy'. It's a whole thing with ISP that can get technical, but if you have a VIP list, a group of people who you'd like to thank for referrals or a small group of clients you work with often that will recognize your email address, send something to them first. You can do this by grouping people either by Status or Tag or Product and sending a mass email.

Tip #3:
Write clear & specific subject lines. If you have too many "catch" words, your email will be the one caught in spam. Things like "Invest now" or "Save big" are potential catch words.

Tip #4:
Personalize your template. By using our 'snippets', you'll be able to create a template with "Dear #FIRSTNAME#" that will populate "Dear John". You can personalize many fields so definitely check out our tutorial on templates HERE

Tip #5:
Make your emails relevant. Using our Automated Workflows allows you to market to people based on their status disposition, tag grouping, carrier/products, birthday, renewal, effective date, turning 65 date and much more. Make as many workflows as you want. After you watch the video in tip #4, watch this one on Automated Workflows HERE

Tip #6:
Have an unsubscribe option to keep compliant with the law... Wait, we've done that for you already! All emails that are generated from drips, mass email and automated workflows are stamped with the Unsubscribe option. You can review Unsubscribes in Reports> Custom or Saved Report to see how effective your campaign is.
Learn other important compliance regulations HERE We encourage you to check your state regulations as well.

Tip #7:
If you're still having issues with your emails going into spam, run a test on your email address score & then follow their instructions as to how to improve your score. RUN YOUR EMAIL SCORE NOW

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