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Task & Reminder Categories
Task & Reminder Categories

Color Code, Create & Edit Task and Reminder Categories

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You can now create your own task & reminder categories, select colors for them and create appointment reminders based on them.

Go to Settings> Task & Reminder Categories
Click Add New Category

Set the details for the category. Determine the name/description, if it's a task or reminder, if it should mark you as busy during that time or not, & if it should display on the calendar. If you want to choose the color for the background and/or text, click on the color box and a color wheel will appear. Click on the color you want, adjust the lightness/darkness and hit Enter/Return. Hit Create when done.
In the 2nd example, you'll see a Reminder creation, which also allows for an Annual Reminder option.

Use these custom task categories to create Appointment Reminders.

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