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How to get it...(hint, you found it!)

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The Help App (and gives you the ability to search for articles or to submit questions to us. This is also our 'ticket' system. The fastest way to get help is to create a ticket/conversation. While it sometimes feels like live chat, it is not always immediate, so type in your question and whomever is available next will reply as soon as possible. Please give us specific information on any errors or issues. If you can't find a client, tell us their name so we can research it for you (or just hit RESET FILTERS as that's most likely the problem on that one!).

On the weekends, we do check the Help App occasionally, so if you're having a technical issue that can't wait until the weekdays, the Help App is the place to get assistance. If you ask "how to" questions, we'll reply as soon as we're back in the office. So really ask anything at any time on the Help app. It just won't necessarily be an immediate reply.

Call us at 888-593-2021 or at 702-919-6298. We do NOT return hang up calls. If you need assistance and no one picks up, please leave a message or use the help app.

​Email us...but email is the slowest response time, so really, use the help app. If you've signed up for a trial of Radius or have activated your account, you have our email address!

Join a live training... We have live sessions for weekly featured features, almost daily demos, a weekly Onboarding Hour for clients, and special training events like Open Enrollment Prep School.

Watch a quick video on the available help options:



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