Set Up:
The Set Up Tutorial is the place to start. It goes through step by step to help you build on the knowledge of the system.

Searching for other features:

This Help App (and gives you the ability to search for articles or to submit questions to us. This is also our 'ticket' system. The fastest way to get help is to create a ticket/conversation. While it sometimes feels like live chat, it is not always immediate, so type in your question and whomever is available next will reply as soon as possible. On the weekends, we do check the Help App occasionally, so if you're having a technical issue that can't wait until the weekdays, the Help App is the place to get assistance.

Ongoing Training:
Join our weekly Featured Features online training. We cover 1 feature at the top of the conference and then the rest of the time is open for any questions or goals you have. Offered twice a week. RSVP HERE or check out what we're covering this week first HERE

We have live demos, but we do recommend you review the set up tutorial before RSVPing for one. You can come in cold, but it's much more helpful if we can address your specific questions on the platform since there are a lot of features that we can cover. Use the Help App to request a RSVP link.

We also have an onboarding hour for active clients each Thursday (trial accounts can also attend, but questions will be addressed after active clients needs are reviewed). Use the Help App to request a RSVP link to choose an onboarding hour.

Jedi Intensive Trainings

Here are the recordings of the intensive sessions we held in early 2022. VIEW HERE

Virtual Office Boot Camp:
At the start of quarantine, we created a boot camp that helps you go in depth on how to use Radiusbob as your virtual office. The videos are longer than just a normal instructional 'how to' video, but are very useful in learning the potential of Radiusbob for your business. VIEW HERE

Open Enrollment Prep Academy:
We've created lessons to prepare you for open enrollment. VIEW HERE

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