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February 2024: AEP Debrief

Day 1: Using Saved Reports to update Policies and more

Day 2: Using Aged Lead Status and marketing throughout the year via mass email & workflows

Day 3: Commission Module & Revenue Reports to check on payments

Day 4: Product Commission updates


2023 Off To The Races: Open Enrollment & Radius

Day 1: Phone System & Screenshare

Day 2: Customizations, Generate Scope of Appointment & ACA Consent, Client Prescription Updates

Day 3: Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Day 4: Templates & Automations

Day 5: Reports

2.023 New Features

2022 Racing School Sessions:

Monday, August 8th: Using the Phone Dialer & Screen Share

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: 4JEZ+?1D

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: &F5px4#T

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Custom Field Options
Carriers & Products
Import Spreadsheet

Wednesday, August 10th: Appointment Scheduler & Appointment Reminders
Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: ?kj4=&JK

Thursday, August 11th: Creating Email Marketing Templates

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: 21O*@Y1u

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Creating Email Templates
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Spam Trigger Words
Landing Pages

Friday, August 12th: Building Automated Marketing Workflows

Meeting Recording:

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Monday, August 15th: Add Carriers, Products & Commissions
Meeting Recording:
Passcode: T1+?pX4!

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Carriers, Products & Commissions
Commission Reconciliation Module

Tuesday, August 16th: TRACK IS CLOSED. NO SESSIONS
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Wednesday, August 17th: Using the Phone Dialer to be CMS Compliant
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Setting Up the VOIP Dialer and Using the Dialer
CMS & HIPPA Regulations & Radius

Thursday, August 18th: Reporting Tools for Targeting Leads & Clients
Meeting Recording:

Passcode: muf&FDh7

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Report Features

Saved Reports To Dashboard
Mail Merge & Mailing Labels
Email Unsubscribe Report

Friday, August 19th: Lead Capture with Landing Pages

Meeting Recording:

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2022 AEP Debrief

Day 1: Expand Your BOB (Book of Business) from existing records with statuses, linked records & marketing

Day 2: Reports

Day 3: Automated Workflows

Day 4: Carriers, Products and a Preview of the new Commission Import feature

Day 5: Appointment Scheduler, Reminders & Calendar Features

2021 AEP Prep
LESSON 1: Creating Lead & Client Call Scripts

Quick Summary: Settings > Coverage Types & Custom Data Fields > Add Custom Tab

Extra Credit:
Review Linked Records

LESSON 2: Field Customization Options

Quick Summary:
Settings > Email, Columns, Calendar & Other > Custom Dates & Agent Fields

Settings > Coverage Types & Custom Data Fields

Extra Credit:
Custom Dates Instructional
Coverage Types & Data Fields Instructional

LESSON 3: Customize Email Templates

Quick Summary:
Drips > Add Email Template

Extra Credit:
Review Email Template Creation In More Depth
Review the Boot Camp Day 2 video on email marketing

LESSON 4: Automated Workflows

Quick Summary:
Settings> Account Tags> Add Tag of "AEP-Not Yet Selected"
Settings> Phone Dialer> Call Queues> Add queue of "AEP Clients Check In"
Settings> Automated Workflows. Create!

Extra Credit:
Deep Dive into the Phone Dialer & How to get the most out of it
Even Deeper Dive into Automated Workflows

2020 Virtual Office Boot Camp

Virtual Office Boot Camp:
At the start of quarantine, we created a boot camp that helps you go in depth on how to use Radiusbob as your virtual office. The videos are longer than just a normal instructional 'how to' video, but are very useful in learning the potential of Radiusbob for your business.

Day 1: Phone Features/ Making the most of quarantine one call at a time... pants optional.

Day 2: Email Features/ Automate, send mass emails, create templates & more

Day 3: Deep Dive into Automated Workflows

Day 4: Let's Get Physical!... with Physical Mailings

Day 5: Casual Friday was never so professional: Screen Share & Client Portal Access

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