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Commission Statement Imports (the non-definitive edition)
Commission Statement Imports (the non-definitive edition)

This is a work in progress!

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It's here! It's finally here! Well, you've probably noticed it before as we've been getting it up and running, but the Commission Statement Import feature is finally live. It's STILL a work in progress, so if your carrier's file doesn't seem to be matching the system, please send us the header row of the file in the help app message and let us know the carrier name (and state, if it's state specific) that it's for and we'll research and get back to you.

Here are some screenshots and steps so you can play around with it.

Preparation: If you haven't already added your carriers & products, do so following THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Then, go to the client's file, to their products tab, add the product with its details, most importantly, the effective & renewal dates, policy number and/or customer ID as shown here:

Step 1: Go to the Commissions tab on the left side bar. Hit Import From File or Add Manually.

Step 2: Add your file (csv or excel only) and analyze it.

Follow the steps of choosing the carrier, the file, save & analyze, then previewing, then start import.

[If the preview isn't displaying information properly, use the Message option in the help app. Let us know the Carrier (and its state, if relevant) and give us the header row to review. We'll get back to you once development has reviewed it.]

Step 3:
Double check the imported rows. If you have the policy or customer number entered, it should find everything easily. You can verify the information by viewing the row it was imported from or viewing the expected commission from the client's file. Both of those options are in blue in the screenshot below.

If you click on view to verify, you'll have a pop up like this show you more details while still keeping you in the commission statement import:

View Row:

or View Expected Amount:

If the file import can't find the policy or customer ID, or is missing relevant fields like payment amounts, it'll look like this when you import the file:

Step 4: Optional: Once you've reviewed the import and made any needed changes, you can manually add more commissions in by clicking the Add Commission button.

Step 5: Once you're satisfied, scroll down and click Save Commissions.

You have now imported the file. You'll see the updates reflected in the revenue report and in the client's product details.

Any questions, please message us in the help app and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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