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Using Saved Reports To Update Policies
Using Saved Reports To Update Policies

update renewal dates or other existing policy data in bulk, you can use Saved Reports to do so. This is only for existing policy data.

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You can update existing client policies with Saved Reports (with caution!). Note that if you need to edit the Carrier/Product/Commissions configurations, that is done only in SETTINGS> Products, Commissions & Renewals. Click for those instructions HERE. These instructions are only if you need to update Renewal Dates or Premiums or some other client policy data in bulk.

Quick Reference:
*Use Caution! If you update your policies incorrectly, it can mess with commissions. That's why there's not a quick & easy way to do this.

*Reports> Saved Reports
*Build a saved report based on client policies (and perhaps lead policies as well)
with the Record Product ID as one of the result fields.
*Download or email the csv file. Edit as you need. Delete the columns you don't need to update except for the Record Product ID. Save as a csv file.
*Go to Clients> Import Clients> Scroll down & click on Update Existing Client Policies.
*Upload your csv file, map the fields, import.

Written instructions are below the video.

While you’ll usually update policy details when you’re in your annual review with your client, sometimes you’ll want to review the roll over policies and update their renewal dates or premiums in bulk to make sure you’ve captured everything properly.

Let’s first look at doing this manually. We’ll go into a client file, to their policy tab. Edit the policy. Make any changes to it like an increased premium and the new renewal date of 1/1/2024.

But now let’s pull a report where you can then update a group of policies at one time. This has to be handled delicately which is why it’s not just a bulk update option on the main client screen.

First, you’ll go to Reports> Saved Reports.

Build the report. Let’s call this Policy Updates. Check Client Policies and we’ll also select Lead Policies just in case an agent forgot to convert someone.

If your agents are tracking policy status, I’d recommend only selecting the In Force and Pending policy statuses. But as we know, sometimes people forget to add the details in, so for this example, let’s pull a report on ALL policies. We could also select the criteria to be with a renewal date of 1/1/2023-12/31/2023 so that we only see current policies, but again, in case people haven’t been tracking renewal dates until now, we’ll leave that open as well.

Hit Next.

This is where you’ll decide how you want to group it. Maybe by assigned agent. Or perhaps by Carrier. This is just the groupings for your list, so you can see it in a bar chart, pie chart or list format by either number of records, premiums, commissions or premiums.

You can also sort by the person’s last name or by carrier. Let’s choose by carrier in this case.

Below in this Edit Report Columns section, you’ll select the fields you want to have displayed in the report. Anything in the groupings section must be in the section below.

So we need to add Carrier to this list. Assigned agent. I also want to check the policy status, their premium, their renewal date with year. And most importantly, we need the Record Product ID. The reason we need this is to match against the exact record when we do our import update.

Let’s delete some stuff we don’t need. Re-arrange it the way we want to see it. Then hit submit.

Now lets find the report we created, it says what do you want to do. You could run it to see the list here and manually update, but that’s not fun. So let’s download or email the file to ourselves. I’ll choose Download CSV.

Open it up.

Let’s get this more organized. Now, I’ll check first for any missing policy statuses. I’ll delete any that have been termed or canceled from this list as I don’t want to update those. I’ll update the statuses that I need to. Let’s say for this carrier and policy, the premium has changed. I can make that change here. Let’s update all 1/1/2023 renewal dates to 1/1/2024. If there are any other changes, make them. Then delete the columns you do NOT want to be updated, except for the Record Product ID which you WILL need.

Now go to Clients. Import Clients. Search for the blue Update Existing Client Policies option. Click that. You’ll see the list of field names and how you need to call them. Since we’re matching against policy record ID these field names are different than if you were doing a lead or client import. Check your spreadsheet and make sure you’ve named them properly. Save the file a csv.

Scroll to the bottom of the import screen in Radius, attach the file. Product Record ID will map to Record ID. Make sure everything maps to the proper field. Then import.

You’ll be emailed once the update is complete. Then check a policy file and see that it’s now updated.

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