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Best Practices for New Active Accounts

Here's a checklist of things to review now that you've activated

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  • Set up your dialer & call queues. Basic Plan or Full VOIP/AMS Plan

    • Some dialing best practices:
      *Do not hang up quickly if the person doesn't answer... leave a message. If you're on the full VOIP plan, use voicemail drop to speed things up while still leaving important information. You can even personalize the greeting before dropping the message like "Hello George!" and then drop the rest of the message. This will lead to better responses and decrease people blocking your number.

      IMPORTANT: If you hang up too many times in an hour, your number will be registered as "likely spam" by the phone carriers. Carriers flag numbers that make too many calls that are under 6 seconds long.

      *On the full VOIP/AMS plan, you can use playable recordings to have the system read out the Medicare disclaimers or ACA Attestations and have that all recorded in the person's file.

  • When testing your emails, use the SEND SAMPLE option in the templates section. It will show you a sample lead or client name and details of whomever is first in your lead or client list.

  • When testing text messages, do NOT test with your own cell number as it will confuse the system if you have your cell number in your agent details and in a lead/client file. If you're sending a message to a family member, colleague or friend to test, write them a real message like "Hello, Let me know if you receive this message. Thanks!" If you write something like "TEST" or "SAMPLE", the recipient's carrier may block it automatically thinking it's spam.

  • Radius Dropbox Features:

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