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What are the Marketing options in Radius?
What are the Marketing options in Radius?
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Radius has great marketing tools available for you. Before you start sending them, make sure you've set up your SMTP properly.

Mass Emails: Best for information you want to get out to a large group of leads and/or clients. Examples are Newsletters, Happy Holidays, Open Enrollment, Changes to your Plan and more.
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Templates: You'll build your email and text templates here. Here's how to create them:

Automated Workflows: Best for longer campaigns based off Status/Disposition, Turning 65, Renewal Date, Birthday, Effective Date, Turning 26, Tags, Entry Into the System and more. You can create a timeline for sending out multiple Emails, SMS messages, Tasks, and more over the course of minutes, days, weeks, months, years.
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Appointment Reminders: If you create a task, you can automate email & SMS messages based off the category of the task that you create for the lead/client.
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Direct messaging to Lead/Client: You can also send templates & SMS messages directly to a client from their file.

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