Sending Mass Emails
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Quick Reference: Emails> Select sending criteria, select template, schedule.

Text of video script:
 This video will cover how to send mass emails & tips for how to utilize mass email for strategic marketing. Email template creation & editing is covered in depth in a separate video, so you should probably watch that first. You also should have completed the custom SMTP settings prior to sending email.  OK, let’s check out Mass Emails.

Go to Email. Select the criteria to send. If you’re sending a newsletter to All Leads and clients, select All Leads, All Clients and All. Scroll down and you’ll see the lead & client count it will be sent to. Determine if you want to send it immediately or schedule it for a specific time. Then select the email template you’ll use. Hit Schedule Email.

Let’s use this Newsletter Template. I’ll edit it to be specifically for April. Applying your Medical Expenses at Tax Time. Let’s paste in some information on health care tax credits that I totally made up.
 Schedule it for the date and time you want it sent.

Now let’s look at more strategic approaches to marketing.

If you sell life insurance, individual health, or work in retirement planning, this age range option is very helpful. Send to people turning 26 that are aging off their parent’s plans, send to people going into retirement and so on.

You can send out product documentation updates by carrier & product here. You’ll have needed to upload the carrier/product documentation in Settings> Carriers> Documents for them to appear as options.

As covered in the Account Tags video, tagging people in groups for up-sell opportunities can be very helpful. Say you’ve been thinking of adding life insurance to your portfolio and as you’ve been speaking to your leads & clients. You’ve tagged them when they’ve expressed interest in Life Insurance. Now you’re ready to start selling that product, so you’d go to Emails, Select Leads & Clients with a Tag of Upsell to Life or possibly Not Tagged with Has Life Insurance and send an email out announcing the coverage availability.

There are other options above to choose from, but we recommend for any status changes, use Automated Workflows as you can add more actions into 1 workflow. For date triggered marketing such as Effective Date, Renewal Date, Birthday & Turning 65, you’ll set those in Drips> Marketing Plans. See those videos for specifics, but mass emails are best utilized for group announcements like newsletters, carrier/product updates, product launch announcements, holiday emails and such.

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